A specialist sun care brand is born

Our Heritage

A specialist sun care brand is born

For over 70 years, PIZ BUIN® has been providing sun lovers everywhere with suncare solutions that help them achieve the perfect balance between getting a beautiful tan and the protection they need. In fact, PIZ BUIN® was one of the first to make tanning safer by implementing the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) system in the 1960'™s. So wherever there's sun, whether it'™s at the beach, on a mountain or in the city, PIZ BUIN® has been there helping people to enjoy life in the sun, safely.

After suffering overexposure to the sun while climbing the Piz Buin alpine peak in 1938, chemistry student, Franz Greiter, developed one of the world's first sun protection products in 1946, the PIZ BUIN® œGletscher Creme, or Glacier Cream. Working with his wife, Marga, a trained beautician, they developed a specialist sun care brand dedicated to developing cutting edge sun protection with luxurious skincare for anyone who wanted to enjoy life in the sun. For more than 70 years PIZ BUIN® has been providing sun lovers everywhere with uncompromising protection so they can get that beautiful summer colour they're after - a colour that has always inspired people to say: "œWhere Have You Been!®"


Instant Glow

Introduction of new PIZ BUIN INSTANT GLOW® Skin Illuminating Sun Lotion.
This fast absorbing, non greasy, non sticky lotion moisturizes the skin, giving it
that beautiful summer shimmer instantly and all summer long – all without compromising on protection.


70 Years – Bloggers

PIZ BUIN® celebrates 70 years of sun care experience by sending five beauty,
travel and lifestyle bloggers to explore Costa Rica and share their experiences
as the first ever PIZ BUIN® Sun Ambassadors.

Meet the bloggers

Fashion Mumblr

Irene's Closet

The Muse And The Ladybug

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Protect & Cool

Introduction of PIZ BUIN PROTECT & COOL® refreshing sun mousse.
Unbelievably Fresh. Instantly Protected.
Feels like you are not wearing sun screen at all!


70 Years - Sun Finder

Launch of the PIZ BUIN® Sun Finder - a web app filled with experiences and
recommendations about the best places under the sun.

Visit the PIZ BUIN® Sun Finder


Introduction of the
NEW PIZ BUIN INSTANT GLOW® Skin Illuminating Sun Spray.
Protected and beautiful - Instantly and all summer long.


PIZ BUIN WET SKIN® Transparent Sun Spray summer campaign production in


Introducing PIZ BUIN® ULTRA LIGHT Dry Touch Fluids. Effective protection that
dries instantly and feels weightless.


Introduction of PIZ BUIN WET SKIN® one of the first sunscreens that can be
applied directly on wet skin.


Launch of PIZ BUIN TAN & PROTECT®. For a faster*, more beautiful tan ...
*Contains a technology that enhances natural tanning


65th anniversary and launch of the NEW Glacier Cream. The ultimate frontier
for PIZ BUIN® in sun protection technology.


PIZ BUIN® MOUNTAIN, now with Cold Shield Complex and Edelweiss extract.
PIZ BUIN® MOUNTAIN. Special* protection for high altitude sun, cold and wind
*Designed to protect from sun, cold and wind


PIZ BUIN® ALLERGY now with Calmanelle® a unique shield complex, proven to
help strengthen your skin's resilience*.
*In vitro test


PIZ BUIN® sun care range is upgraded to the new breakthrough sun protection
technology Helioplex.


Launch of Tan Intensifier - a range of products with an innovative formulation
that facilitates faster natural tanning without compromising on protection.


Deep tanning gives way to a 'sun kissed glow'.


The first PIZ BUIN® triple protection sun care with Vitamin E.


"Sun goddess" visuals strengthen our iconic brand image.


One of the first to introduce water resistant sun care products.


Conducting tests in the Swiss-Austrian Alps.


One of the first to implement the sun protection factor (SPF).


PIZ BUIN® launches its first sun protection product.


Dr. Franz Greiter climbing the Piz Buin mountain.